We only need 3 weeks or less to take your idea and turn it into an MVP (minimum viable product) on the web, for you to get your business going. Yes we're that fast.

Ask us for an estimate - it's free.


Your idea

+ 3 weeks

= Your MVP


You have a great idea and want to turn it into a proof of concept or minimum viable product - using a web application rather than a costly and time consuming phone app. You want something built and running in less than a month and you want to prioritize the functionality of your product or service over the look and feel, in the short run.


We work closely with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and scope out the MVP requirements of your idea via user stories. Together we work through user journeys and mock up basic designs for the application. We work Agile and provide weekly catch-up’s to see where the project’s at and reassess priorities as we go. We deliver within short time scales, functional and great looking MVP’s. We also build to scale as much as possible - we build solid code foundations for you to be able to add more and more features to your application - with us or without us. No more going back to square one.


We’re builders... creators... entrepreneurs, just like you. We’ve built loads of prototypes and MVP’s in the past. We’ve been down this road. We also know there are lots of people out there at the idea stage who need to build something to prove their concept and they need it super functional, on a tight budget and completed in the shortest time possible. That’s our speciality.

What we do it with

This is a little geeky. Don't be scared!

We love the Microsoft .NET framework and we build our sites using Microsoft C# (one of the top 5 most used programming languages in the world) with the latest stable version of ASP.NET MVC. Our front-end never veers too far away from flavours of Twitter Bootstrap and we don’t get caught up in bleeding edge front-end JavaScript frameworks that cause you more technical debt than you can shake a stick at. It’s vanilla all the way. We deploy to Microsoft Azure but we can also work with AWS - it’s up to you. We use SendGrid for your emails, Stripe for any payment processing, Google Analytics to track user behaviour and Tawk.To for live chat - and offer loads more depending on your needs.

Everything we build is pretty much industry standard. This means it's not hard, or ridiculously expensive, to use us or even another developer to extend your application further in the future.

What it costs

We believe that no MVP should take longer than 3 weeks to build. If it takes longer, you're doing it wrong.

Our MVP and prototyping packages are:

The 3-week MVP from £6,000 +VAT
(15 day project - our most popular. For full featured and more advanced applications.)

The 2-week MVP from £4,500 +VAT
(10 day project - for applications with more complex user journeys, more than a few workflows and integrations.)

The 1-week MVP from £3,000 +VAT
(5 day project - for very basic applications with only a few user journeys and integrations.)

All projects include two free days of planning and scoping with you. At the end of the project you will have a deployed and fully working, functional MVP to get your business going.

Need more days? No worries, we charge that out at our standard day rate - currently starting at £450 +VAT depending on what you need done.

We also welcome smaller projects. Perhaps you just have an idea that will take a few days... we're here for that too. Give us a shout.

What we've done

Just a few of our more recent projects.

Where we do it

We’re based in the UK’s largest tech incubator - CodeBase - situated in beautiful Edinburgh. We’re lean, which makes us personal as well as affordable to entrepreneurs with ideas.

What we also do

Maybe you already have an application. Maybe you just want a great developer for a day or two. We’re here to help. We offer highly skilled and experienced, full stack, Microsoft .NET developers on a day rate - remote or on-site in Edinburgh.

Our day rates start at £450+VAT.

And now for some questions

I think my idea would be better as a phone app - why choose web over a phone app?

In short, phone apps take much longer to develop which ends up costing you more. They also incur high ongoing maintenance costs because you need to support previous versions of the app out in the wild - and new phone and OS versions. App developers are also in short supply meaning higher day rates for those extra little features you want added. Web developers are far more available meaning lower day rates and less waiting time on getting new features out there. We could go on but we’ll save you the rant!

How sure are you that you can make my MVP in 3 weeks?

It's all about working out exactly what your idea's MVP looks like. Working with you, we'll establish exactly what you need to work for your MVP and what you don't. We'll write up user stories with you and estimate against them to ensure that everything we say we can deliver on, we do.

What about new features after you've delivered the MVP?

First up, we make sure that everything we do is sufficiently scalable and extensible - our code is never just disposable. We use one of the most popular programming languages on the planet - C# - to ensure that our code is easy to extend and change whether it's us or someone else who does it in the future. You need to be able to add new features on to your application without having to start from scratch - and we make sure of it. We'd love to continue on the journey with you so if you'd like for us to keep adding on your exciting new features after the initial MVP build, we'll just charge that out at our current day rate - it's that easy.

Do I need to pay upfront or only after it's delivered?

We take 25% upfront as a deposit and then the remaining 75% upon delivery. We do this to protect both yourself and Bad Dinosaur.

What about hosting?

We rely on you to provide the hosting platform and any infrastructure required for the ongoing running of the application. We work best with Microsoft Azure but can also deploy to your own Amazon Web Services account - you just provide us with the credentials and we'll set it all up for you. Alternatively, we can offer to host and maintain it on our own hardware using a Software as a Service agreement - this incurs an extra cost each month but means you don't have to worry about any of the hardware behind the scenes.

I need a .NET web developer for a day or two or consulting on how to get my idea off the ground?

We're happy to help. We have developers who can work with you on a day rate for any development work you need done - remotely or onsite in Edinburgh. If it's consultancy work, we're here for that too - we know the startup rollercoaster inside and out and are keen to help you on your journey. Check out our pricing to find out more.