Client testimonials

Here at Bad Dinosaur we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of innovative people with great ideas. Here are some of the things they’ve got to say about working with us.

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Susan Scurlock

Founder, Primary Engineer

‘The word I would use to describe my overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur would be “inspiring”. We thought we knew exactly what we wanted, and they helped us understand what we needed and how to achieve it. Russ and Kyle took the time to understand our business, its ethos and aims first, and working with them has helped us realise our ambitions.’

Graham Watson

Managing Director, Advanced Engagement

I came across Bad Dinosaur by chance and I'm so glad I did. My ideas were quickly turned into a practical set of costed development milestones which were delivered on time. I'd recommend Bad Dinosaur to anyone who needs to build an application that can be scaled easily once the business concept is proven.

Ryan Falconer

Founder and Director, Skillstep

The thing that in my mind sets Bad Dinosaur apart from other companies is their use of MVPs and rapid prototyping. Most web agencies, freelancers and small software houses will get a brief and build a full product with a huge number of features and functionality that is not needed. Bad Dinosaur took the time to digest my ideas, thoughts, wireframes and deliver an MVP that added value to the client and my business. I believe Bad Dinosaur are tackling a problem I've experienced on 100's of web-based projects over my 11-year digital career. Kyle also helped me win my first paying customer: he built the prototype and delivered an excellent live product demo to two stakeholders who were equally impressed. You could say that Bad Dinosaur helped me start a commercial business. On the surface it looks expensive paying for a freelance developer, but I feel I got good value for my money.’

Jennifer Scurlock

Programme Director, Primary Engineer

‘My overall experience of working with Russ and Kyle has been very positive - it has brought a huge amount to the project and has never added any stress. Our meetings and co-design sessions are always enjoyable and productive. I enjoy the co-design aspect of Bad Dinosaur and really value it. As a manager it is great to have such a good handle on the product and an understanding of the technical obstacles to your project goals. Working through the technicalities of the software together helps both parties flag any potential problems, which usually means very little has to be changed after the initial build. It feels like a very holistic approach.

I think there are two unique factors to what sets Bad Dinosaur apart from other companies. Number one is the honesty. I have worked with other developers that do not communicate well and say 'there is no need for compromise' but then produce a product that doesn't meet the agreed objectives. Russ and Kyle are upfront and clear, and are not afraid to tell you when something won't work as you have imagined it which means we always make the most of our funding.The second factor is their personal investment in the projects they work on.Russ and Kyle care about the product we are creating with them and feel very much like a part of the team. They don't just produce what you ask for but help shape it and contribute their own ideas so it is better than first imagined.

Working with Bad Dinosaur has allowed us to take a step back and evaluate what we really need from our software and allowed us to achieve what we wanted to rather than what we thought we could afford. This has opened up the project to a lot of new opportunities to bring in revenue.We've never missed a deadline and the quality of work has always been as expected. All in all, Bad Dinosaur offers a high quality service at a very reasonable cost.’

Garry Williams

Phoebus Software

My overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur was awesome! What makes Bad Dinosaur unique is the way they combine quick turnaround time with high quality software. They are also Enabled us to demonstrate a credible product roadmapvery easy to engage with. Their services are very good value for money and working with them enabled us to demonstrate a credible product roadmap.

Chris Moonie

Director, Mackenzie School of English

Working with Kyle is always a pleasure. He is professional and approachable and always willing to go the extra mile. Bad Dinosaur is unique in that it offers a personal service tailored to your needs. The booking system we had developed for us reduced everyone's workload and allows us to spend more time doing what we do best - delivering programmes and courses. It also helps keep everything together, reducing the risk of human error. This is really important in our business of working with young people where we cannot afford to make mistakes.

Amanda Brindley

President, Fitbump

I was close to going with a big gym software company but my unique business model didn’t fit with the software, there were so many things I had to bend on in the end I decided it was easier to keep doing everything myself. Then Fitbizzle came along and it has changed my life. Simplified everything and saved me so much admin time. Would highly recommend to any small business.

Eilidh Harris

Student Developer, University of St. Andrews

Our overall experience of working with Bad Dinosaur has been very positive. Kyle has been flexible, fast to respond and keen to work together to develop solutions to make Tutlings meet our requirements. Kyle’s flexibility in doing further work on the software has been really helpful, and he's often been able to suggest sensible solutions to our problems that have worked well for us and for the software.

Using [Tutlings for Universities] dramatically reduced staff time dealing with the logistics of our department's tuition offering. Our no show count saw a huge reduction and the extensive reporting features have allowed us to identify hotspot areas where students are needing the most help. We highly recommend it for any institutions looking to save time and money!

Stuart Smith

Director, Cheetah

Bad Dinosaur were responsive to our needs. Kyle and Russ were quick to respond and come up with ideas and suggestions for finding the smoothest path through our project at the least cost and time.

Pawel Jancz


Kyle provided an excellent, friendly and professional service. He went above and beyond of what was required for our project.