About us

The mission of Bad Dinosaur is to provide a complete service for anyone who wants to be in the tech industry: from early-days design workshops to building your first MVP, organising the hosting, right through to building future versions of your product.

Kyle Whittington, Director of Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Kyle Whittington

Kyle is a keen cyclist and likes hummus and rap music.

Kyle founded Bad Dinosaur in 2013. His vision is to change the perception of software development from a slow, expensive and lumbering process into a friendly, efficient and fulfilling experience.

Russ Peterson, Director of Bad Dinosaur, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Russ Peterson

Russ enjoys keeping tropical fish, and his favourite food is bbq chicken pizza. He is also skilled in MIG welding.

Russ joined Bad Dinosaur in 2017. His background in web development and systems administration has enabled Bad Dinosaur to diversify into new offerings such as managed hosting.

Amelia Aston, Marketing Manager, based in Codebase Edinburgh

Amelia Aston

As well as having a keen interest in the arts, Amelia is passionate about good food and petting other people's dogs.

The latest addition to the Bad Dinosaur team and recent University of Edinburgh graduate, Amelia hopes to build a strong online presence for Bad Dinosaur and create more buzz around the company.

Popcorn the Unicorn, Head of Rainbows, based in Codebase Edinburgh


Popcorn loves long walks on the beach, hanging out with friends and chasing dreams.

The world is full of rainbows and Popcorn is keen on riding every single one of them. Someone who brings sunshine and happiness to the team, Popcorn is usually found grazing nearby but it's not unheard of to see her also roaming the CodeBase corridors.

Our home

We're proud to be based in Edinburgh's Codebase. Codebase is the UK's largest startup incubator, home to more than 80 of the country's best technology companies.

Bad Dinosaur is based in Codebase Edinburgh co-working

There's hotdesking, including a pop-up Filament Coffee and free WiFi. Why not pop in for a chat