Managed hosting and support

Fully managed hosting, support and service level agreements.

We offer reliable hosting and 24/7/365 support for your web application. Not only do we support it, but we'll architect it too - we are cloud hosting experts looking to make your digital infrastructure as performant and cost-efficient as possible.

We can manage your infrastructure for you on retainer and hourly rate. If you're an early stage startup, we even offer a competetive and comprehensive startup package.

Our Startup Package

We know all about bootstrapping your own ideas and having to cover the costs. That's why we've created a managed hosting package for very early stage startups that will help you get off the ground. We believe this infrastructure will comfortably handle your app whilst you're dealing in the hundreds of users. You also don't have to worry about outgrowing it... it scales like magic as you need it.

Our managed hosting package includes:

  • Web application instance
  • Database server & up to 2 databases
  • 5Gb download bandwidth & unlimited upload
  • Email service up to 10,000 emails per month
  • Database backup and geo-redundancy
  • SSL Certificates
  • Priority 24/7/365 support and service level agreement
  • 2 hours of system administration per month

Packages starting at £180+VAT / month

Service Level Agreements

We can offer "sysadmin on demand" service level agreements for your existing hosting and digital infrastructure. Retainers for 2 hours of system administration start at £130+VAT per month and provide 24/7/365 priority-1 support, with a 1 hour response time and 8 hour resolution.