Universe of Engineering

Engaging primary and secondary school students in STEM.

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The Universe of Engineering's aim is to provide a platform within schools through which all children and reach their potential. Teacher training courses, skills, competencies, project based learning, competitions and exhibitions all help to ensure deep learning and career awareness.

The problem

The aim for the Universe of Engineering was to create a digital platform for teachers and students to engage in STEM learning, which highlighted the real and relatable competencites that students gained during project based learning.

Unfortunately, the project was blocked by a very common problem: They had spent several years and a large part of their budget developing software which was not fit for purpose, and was not in line with the Universe of Engineering's vision: to put the students first.

Our solution

The first challenge was to distill what the Universe of Engineer actually wanted to achive, as opposed to building a specification around what they belived was possible. This comprised of several workshop sessions where we discussed personas they'd like to target as well as strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the project. These sessions helped to understand the core focus of Universe of Engineering's business and allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their wants and needs.

In 30 days of development, we built and delivered the first phase of the project via a co-design process. This featured weekly meetings with the client to show the progress so far. Towards the second half of the development phase, the client was presented with weekly functioning builds to try out and give feedback.

The first phase was a success, and the first group of teachers were trained to use the system in June 2017.


Working closely with Universe of Engineering, we're helping them to prioritise features for future development of the software and to fit development phases into their budget.

We're satisifed that we've changed the client's whole perception of software development from a labourious and frustrating task to a fulfilling and positive experience, and the Universe of Engineering now sees software as a central part of their future growth strategy.

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