A way for all cultures, communities and families to eat home-made food together around the world.

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Join friends and families for home-cooked meals in your city and around the world.

Often described as the “airbnb of food”, Munch Together aims to provide a way for all cultures, communities and families to eat homemade food together, around the world. Think of them as a meal sharing peace police - reporting for duty. Fun set up, easy payments & group messaging, they do all the logistics and money stuff when you share any meal. All you have to do is cook and eat together. Mi casa es su casa.

Munch Together is considered the airbnb of food - Bad Dinosaur

With little tech knowledge, Mo needed someone who understood how to translate the ideas he had in his head, into a working application that could be used to change the world! Bad Dinosaur was an obvious choice and we got started right away with workshops to turn those ideas into user flows and early stage wireframes. Through a co-design process, we iterated on these wireframes and flows until we had a starting point for the MVP building to commence - over 100 user stories and 15 wireframes! We had the first fully functional web version of the Munch Together MVP ready within 4 weeks which meant Mo could get cracking on getting people to sign up for the Munches (as they call them). Full payment integration with Stripe meant taking payments was a cinch and within a few weeks they already had over 500 members signed up and attending their munches.

Bad Dinosaur created the mobile app and website for Munch Together

With the web app proving to be a success, it was time to start development of the mobile app and API. Using Xamarin’s cross platform mobile app framework, we were able to leverage existing code written for the web application to build the mobile app and API. After just two months, the first version of the working Android mobile app was available for release. With the Xamarin framework it also now means that very little code has to be written to allow for a future release on both iOS and Windows Phone.

Bad Dinosaur used .NET and Xamarin to create the mobile app behind Munch Together

Munch Together was also more than happy to have this as a fully managed hosting service that we could take care of for them. This means they don’t have to worry about any infrastructure issues and we can just scale their services as they grow.