Bad Dinosaur worked with Advanced Engagement to create an MVP

MVP of Advanced Engagement's security awareness training app

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Advanced Engagement helps you to positively influence security culture in your organisation using customised security awareness training trusted by financial services organisations and professional bodies.

Advanced Engagement approached us to build their initial MVP to be used as a pilot for their first customers. Most importantly it was to gain insight into the direction they needed to take their product and provide an initial working version to their early clients.

The problem

All companies need to keep their staff up to date with security awareness training, especially the larger ones. Being a security consultant himself, Graham approached us to build a platform that would allow his clients to seamlessly deliver engagement awareness training to their staff. Graham had a good idea of the broader features that his application would need and was open to us interpreting his problem and coming up with the design and functionality to get it there.

Our solution

We held workshops with Graham to really dig deep into his idea and gain a full understanding of exactly what his product is all about and discuss which components would form the initial MVP of his solution. After a couple workshops and our own internal planning sessions, we were able to propose both an estimated feature list as well as an architectural design of his application. Being from a security background, we had to ensure that all best practices were followed, when it came to web application development. Throughout the development and co-design processs, we held weekly show-and-tell meetings with Advanced Engagement, allowing them to see progress and feedback on the development process each week. This agile approach meant that when some items appeared to be of a higher priority than others, we rearranged the backlog accordingly, giving them the best possible use of their time and money for the MVP.

"I came across Bad Dinosaur by chance and I'm so glad I did. My ideas were quickly turned into a practical set of costed development milestones which were delivered on time. I'd recommend Bad Dinosaur to anyone who needs to build an application that can be scaled easily once the business concept is proven."

Graham Watson, Director


We delivered the MVP on time and on budget, and Graham has since been out running pilots with his first potential clients. So far the feedback has been great and we look forward to working with Advanced Engagement as they grow and scale their offering. As feedback has come in from the pilot, we've been able to quickly estimate on the requested features and provide ball park figures on potential changes to the platform. This has been a great example of how we build the foundations of products through our MVP offering, allowing them to scale and grow with the business.